Our Services

Running a business is never easy and aside from using your creativity to develop products and services, you will also have to perform tasks that are time-consuming and require a lot of effort or skills that not all entrepreneurs or managers have, such as selling or market research.

Outbound services include:

Sales leads generation, appointment settings, telemarketing, surveys, hot key transfers etc. Services from Sales leads force have high conversion rates which results in high sales.

Types of Leads

Though we provide lead generation services to almost all products in Australia our major lead generation services includes Investment Property, Mortgage Refinance, Insurance and Solar.

Mortgage Refinance Lead generation

The mortgage business is a great business to be in, but nobody said it was easy. In order to stay competitive and to build or maintain a thriving company, you need a strategic partner that brings in-depth experience and expertise. That’s where Austel Solutions comes in. We’ll provide the highest quality mortgage leads, and all you’ll have to do is convert them. Of course, we can help you out there, too. If you’re not confident in your sales skills. We target customers who want to refinance their home loan to save some Money and looking for the best quotation for the same. We will give you the full details of the customers like their name, number, full address and their email so that you can get also send them an email.


Investment Property Lead Generation

Not only have our team had extensive experience previously working for some of Australia’s largest Financial Planning and Investment Groups, We understand the intricacies of marketing your services to Australian and overseas investors. We target customers who want to know more information on investment property and they want to know that how they can create more wealth by investing into different investment properties and also interested in tax minimization, wealth creation and Mortgage Reduction.

Insurance Lead generation

We understand the intricacies of marketing your services to Australians looking for Life and health insurance insurance comparisons. We know how to pre-qualify leads for you before they even reach your sales team! We’ve been delivering high quality insurance leads for more than a decade. Austel Solutions is the leading provider of sales leads for the Health & Life insurance.

Solar Lead Generation

Buying residential solar leads is becoming a popular consideration among installation businesses. And at first it may seem like a good idea.After all, residential solar is built off of leads – the more you get, the more convert and the more money you make.